TAMIL NADU State Blood Policy & Implementation Framework

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Integrated Counselling & Testing Center (ICTC) is a gate-way, entry point for a host of HIV/AIDS related services in prevention & care. In Tamil Nadu there are 2109 centers that offer counseling and testing services. TANSACS is supporting 377 Stand-Alone ICTCs in Medical College hospitals, Government Hospitals, District, Headquarters Hospitals etc. 403 ICTCs are supported by NRHM at block level Primary Health Centres & Community Health Centres. 1102 Facility-Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres (FICTCs) at PHC level are also providing counselling and testing services. TANSACS initiated 211 Public-Private Partnership ICTCs (PPP) to strengthen Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission ( PPTCT) coverage.

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“Give a child love, laughter and peace, not HIV”

Mother to child transmission is a major route of HIV transmission and spread of infection from an HIV positive pregnant mother to her new born. The objective of the Prevention of Parent To Child Transmission (PPTCT) programme is to scale up prevention and care interventions among women of child –bearing age and their families with a package of services which include primary prevention, family planning, voluntary counselling and confidential testing, lifelong Anti-retroviral prophylaxis and counselling on infant feeding practices.   In order to reduce HIV related morbidity / mortality among the newborns “Early Infant Diagnosis” programme is implemented in the state through ICTCs. Under the PPTCT new regimen (ARV prophylaxis) , HIV exposed babies who are born to HIV positive mothers are initiated on Nevirapine syrup upto to six weeks from birth. All identified HIV positive mothers and infected infants are being provided with life long ART.

“It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections / reproductive tract infections (STIs/RTIs) are an important public health problem in India. Studies suggest that 6% of the adult population in India is infected with one or more STI/STD/RTI.  Individuals with STIs/RTIs have a significantly higher chance of acquiring and transmitting HIV.

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Blood Safety

The goal of the blood safety programme is to provide adequate safe blood and blood products to all the needy patients. The specific objective of the blood safety programme is to ensure reduction in the transfusion associated with HIV transmission to 0.5 percent, while making available safe and quality blood within one hour of requirement in a health facility.

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Targetted Intervention

For the overall reduction in the epidemic, targeted interventions (TIs) are aimed to effect behaviour change through awareness raising among the high risk groups and clients of sex workers or bridge populations.These interventions are aimed to saturate three high risk groups with information on prevention; address clients of sex workers with safe sex interventions

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HIV Prevalence in TN(%)

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