The State AIDS Project Cell was formed in January 1993 in Tamil Nadu. TAMIL NADU STATE AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY (TANSACS) was the first registered Society in India for HIV/AIDS control and prevention registered in 1994 as a mandate of National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), New Delhi. 

The Principal Secretary to Government, Health and Family Welfare Department, is the President of the Society and a Senior I.A.S. Officer is the Member Secretary & Project Director. In 1986 the first HIV case in India was detected in Madras Medical College, Chennai. The sentinel surveillance data has been showing a steady decline among antenatal clinic attendees since 2001. A total of 2.13 lakh persons have tested positive for HIV in the state.

Even though the first HIV cased was identified in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and since the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society continues its fight against HIV/AIDS, TANSACS envisions a Tamil Nadu where no new individual would acquire the HIV infection, and every person living with HIV/AIDS has access to quality care and lives with dignity.

TANSACS believes that Tamil Nadu would be able to halt and reverse the epidemic of HIV very soon, and set itself as a model state in India and in the whole world.

TANSACS’ foundation is built on a quality care-and-support system for persons living with HIV/AIDS. By fostering close collaboration with Non Governmental Organisations, women’s self-help groups, Community Based Organisations, positive people’s networks and various National and International Donor Agencies, TANSACS constantly works towards improvement of accessibility and accountability of the services, effective prevention strategies and providing prevention-to-care continuum support for HIV/AIDS affected people.

TANSACS takes continued efforts to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS have equal access to quality health services. It stands committed to building an enabling environment wherein those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS play a central role in all responses to the epidemic – at state, district and grass root level. TANSACS believes that it is possible to created an environment where human rights are respected and where those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS live a life without stigma and discrimination.