State Blood Transfusion Council is committed to provide adequate, safe and quality blood and blood components to meet the needs of the general public in the State. It aims to achieve 100% collection of blood from voluntary, non-remunerated donors and also enhance the rational usage of blood and blood components.

Blood Banks

TANSACS supports 89 blood banks which are functioning in Government Hospitals and Medical Colleges in the state. At present there are 15 component separation units.

Mobile Blood Collection Units

To facilitate the blood donation activity we have three mobile Blood collection buses and 17 blood collection transportation vans. The mobile buses are attached to Govt Kilpauk Medical College Hospital and Government Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital at Chennai and Govt Rajaji Hospital at Madurai

Blood is a special body fluid tissue that flows throughout the blood vessels namely arteries, veins and capillaries. It is a mixture of cells, plasma and dissolved substances.

Blood is often separated into components. The patients can be given what they need. The advantage is we make use of the blood donation to maximum benefit. Therefore one unit of blood (350ml) collected from the donor will be given to at least 3 needy patients. The blood components that are separated are Platelets, Plasma, Packed cells and Cryoprecipitate

Any healthy person (male and female) in the age group of 18-65 years can donate blood once in 3 months regularly. The donor should be healthy as assessed by the doctor who will examine up before blood donation.

During blood donation you are donating only 350ml to 450ml from the 5 liters blood available in the body.

Where one can donate blood  ?

Blood donation facility is available in the blood banks attached to all the Govt. Medical hospitals in the state. It is also available in the VBD camps organized by the different donor organization at your nearest area.

Whom to contact ?

A person who wishes to donate blood can contact the concerned blood bank medical officer in the district or in the toll free no. 1800 419 1800.

Is there any charges / payments to receive blood from the Govt. Blood Bank ?

Blood and Blood components are available in all blood banks in the Govt. Hospitals at free of cost based on the request made by the doctor who is treating the patient. In case of the request made by the private hospital for want of blood the patient has to pay an amount of Rs.500/- as service charge for obtaining any blood and blood components.


Blood collection details in the state

The average total units of blood collected in Tamil Nadu through Govt and Private blood banks are 8.63 lakhs out of which 3.50 lakhs are collected through Govt. blood banks. Around 99% of the total units of blood collected in all Govt. blood banks in the state are mainly through voluntary blood donation.