Care and support initiatives for People Living with HIV were started way back in 2004, but child specific programs did not find a prominent place within its framework. Over the past decade, infected and affected children have received clinical services from the government. However, other needs such as nutrition, education, and protection require support. Today, despite several efforts in ensuring comprehensive services for children affected by AIDS, there exist gaps in the following areas:

1. Economic assistance.
2. Reducing the vulnerability of children in terms of preventing child labor, child trafficking and child-headed households.
3. Upholding the basic Rights of children- including education.

TANSACS took this forward and requested the State Government to form a Trust for children. The State Government of Tamil Nadu established a trust in the name of “Tamilnadu Trust for Children Affected by AIDS” (TNTCAA), to address the needs of HIV-infected and affected children in the State and protect their Rights. The objectives of this Trust, was to provide continuous support for medical, educational, nutritional and economic assistance to children aged- between 0 and 18 years- affected by HIV/ AIDS.

In this regard, we have also initiated an appeal to the corporate and business houses to support these children for their educational aid, nutritional sustenance and economic espousal.

Key initiatives during this financial year (2015-16 )
1. Instructions of the Project Director, TANSACS to cover more number of Orphan & Vulnerable children.
2 A New system of Enumeration / Profiling done at the district level by involving  the district level staffs

and other key stake holders.

3. New Line listing format developed & Orientated to all the Peripheral staffs at regional level.
4. Nearly 4099 Orphan & Vulnerable children availed the benefits through ECS directly to

the Savings Bank Account of the Children.

Innovative Activities Booklet