Surveillance, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
1 Operational Guidelines for HIV Sentinel Surveillance
2 Operations Manual for Strategic Information Management Unit
3 Data Sharing Guidelines: National AIDS Control Program
Integrated Counselling & Testing Centres
1 Operational Guidelines for Integrated Counselling & Testing Centres
2 Guidelines for HIV Testing
Sexually Transmitted Infections
1 Operational Guidelines for Programme Managers and Service Providers for Strengthening STI/RTI Services
2 National Guidelines on Prevention, Management and Control of Reproductive Tract Infections Including Sexually Transmitted Infections
Care, Support & treatment
1 Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Common Opportunistic Infections/Malignancies among HIV-Infected Adult and Adolescent
2 Operational Guidelines for ART Centers
3 Antiretroviral Therapy Guidelines for HIV-Infected Adults and Adolescents Including Post-exposure Prophylaxis
4 Guidelines for HIV Care and Treatment in Infants and Children
5 Operational Guidelines For Community Care Centres
6 Operational Guidelines for Link ART Centres, June 2008
Targeted Interventions
1 Targeted Interventions Under NACP III Operational Guidelines
2 Targeted Interventions for Truckers Operational Guidelines
3 NGO/CBO Operational Guidelines
4 Condom Promotion by SACS – Operational Guidelines
IEC & Mainstreaming
1 Tribal Action Plan – Operational Guidelines
Blood Safety & Laboratory Services
1 Guidelines For Setting up Blood Storage Centres
Link Worker Scheme
1 Linked Worker Scheme Operational Guidelines
Institutional Strengthening
1 Operational Guidelines for District HIV/AIDS Prevention Control Unit
2 Operational Guidelines for Financial Management
1 Guideline for Network of Indian Institutions for HIV/AIDS Research (NIIHAR) Under NACP-III
2 Ethical Guidelines for Operational Research on HIV/AIDS
3 NACO Research Fellowship Scheme Under NACP-III
4 National Policy on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work