STI/RTI Prevention and Control Programme

Sexually transmitted infections / reproductive tract infections (STIs/RTIs) are an important public health problem in India. Studies suggest that 6% of the adult population in India is infected with one or more STI/STD/RTI.  Individuals with STIs/RTIs have a significantly higher chance of acquiring and transmitting HIV. Moreover, STIs/RTIs are also known to cause infertility and reproductive diseases.  Controlling STIs/RTIs helps decrease HIV infection rates and provides a window of opportunity for counseling about HIV prevention and reproductive health. STI prevalence is a good marker for HIV, as both share common modes of transmission

Facilities and Activities

There are 156 designated STI/RTI clinics functioning under TamilNadu AIDS Control Society including CAPACS. These clinics are branded as SUGA VAZHVU MAIYAM (SURAKSHA – Well being clinics) functioning in:

Type of Institution No. of STI Clinics
Government Medical Colleges 19
Government Head Quarters Hospitals 23
Government Hospitals 104
Chennai Corporation Centers 10

Three Medical officers, one Staff nurse and one Lab. Technician from each Hospital were trained on STI/RTI treatment, care and follow up. One trained STI Counselor is posted at each of the designated STI clinic for counseling on

  •  STI/RTI and HIV transmission and prevention
  •  Treatment compliance and follow up
  •  Partner treatment
  •  Condom promotion

STI cases are given treatment as per NACO norms Syndromic Case Management with color coded kits supplied by NACO at free of cost.  All the STI/RTI OP attendees are screened for Syphilis and HIV at ICTC.  All Antenatal mothers are screened for Syphilis and HIV along with other basic investigations done for them.  All HRGs are screened for STI, every three months and Syphilis and HIV, every six months.

Master Health Checkup:

 It is a State level Initiative for High Risk Group Members. The aim of the program was to make the core groups to access the Government facilities to avail services.The programme was implemented with the coordination of TI NGOS. General Checkup, all basic investigations, internal examination, and screening for early detection of Cancer Cervix was done in this program.